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I am totally new to this, how does it work?

This guide will explain how our signal service works. Make sure to read it properly and if you have any questions feel free to send us an email to support@fxnational.com

How do I receive signals?

You will need to install Telegram on your phone and/or computer to be able to receive the signals. Once you receive the signals you will be able to place them accordingly on your brokers platform.


Once we have received your sign-up you will be invited to our Telegram Channel where signals are provided. Make sure you provide the correct Telegram username. It can be found under Settings -> Edit Profile. If you do not have a Telegram username make sure to create one inside the Edit Profile page

If you are having troubles understanding the signals an example guide is offered below

Understanding the signals offered and proper risk management

Each signal will be shared with a picture, entry, stoploss and profit levels. Make sure you do exactly as the information inside the signal description

Step 1

You will receive a signal on Telegram

Step 2

Read the signal description carefully and write down the trade levels. Sometimes we provide instant signals of buy and sell. These will be labeled INSTANT

Step 3

Place the order inside your trading platform. Make sure you do not confuse short or long (sell or buy) orders and place the entry, take profit and stop loss levels accordingly

Step 4

Risk manage your trade properly. This means that the stop loss you have just entered should not exceed 1% of your trading capital. This is very important to keep in mind. Going above this exposes you to unnecessary risk

Step 5

Do not disable notifications on the Telegram group. It is very common that alerts go out that a trade needs to be exited earlier than the designated stop loss or trade profit

Step 6

If a trade hits target or stop loss during working hours, a notification will be shared in the Telegram Channel. If it hits outside working hours, it will be shared in the beginning of the next workday

Example Signal



Limit Buy XAUUSD


Entry: 1734.070

Stoploss: 17970.100

Target: 1770.010


Notes: This is a trade that will only setup if price goes in our desired direction as the picture describes. Please be aware that this signal can be cancelled soon if setup fails